More than 100 uses for a coffee mug

  • Mar 15, 2023

Coffee is a beloved beverage that has reached new heights of popularity. From ubiquitous coffee shops to fast-food restaurants offering "gourmet" coffee drinks, people are consuming more coffee than ever before. Since hot coffee is typically enjoyed slowly in a ceramic mug, taking a "coffee break" has become synonymous with taking time to pause, think, and reflect.

coffee mugs

This trend presents an excellent opportunity for promotion. By imprinting an advertising or promotional message on a coffee mug, the person holding it is likely to give it prolonged attention. This extended exposure provides ample time for the message to be considered and acted upon.

Moreover, a coffee mug has numerous uses and co-purposes beyond just holding coffee. The weight and permanence of a ceramic mug provide it with staying power, often lasting for years. Even the potential for a mug to break demands that it be handled with care and regard.

Click below for your copy of – 104 ways to use a coffee mug.

Over 100 uses for a coffee mug, pdf

We also have a video – More than just a Coffee Mug

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